About us

About Eleviv

Eleviv is a digital agency, we build and design everything. Our heart beats innovation and all of what we do tells a beautiful story and conveys a simple message, and it is synonymous to innovation. We create the backbone of your idea and brand—from comprehensive models, idea testing, brainstorming sessions, product design and research analysis, to branding and providing technology solutions. We ensure that the process of ideas to market is managed efficiently through our tried-and-true tools, proven methods, and implementation approaches, customized to your needs.

We help create disruptive ideas

We combine in-depth consumer insight generation with integrated thinking that explores trends, technologies, and emerging needs to create breakthrough concepts and business models. We help optimize your idea, develop the implementation and communication plans, and create the performance metrics. Our creative team identifies new product ideas, services, and give them life. Take your great concepts off paper and into the world as winning products, services, and programs.

Why choose us

We are problem solvers and innovators

Eleviv is committed to developing businesses and individuals who are seeking innovative ways to transform their companies or ideas. Our framework ensures that we focus on building an idea or brand that resonates with consumers. We seek out problems just to solve them and create innovative solutions.

Our Story

Eleviv Strategy Group started 2009 by a young mom who wanted to create solutions to problems in branding, and product development. From her dining table, she set out to do just that. She taught herself how to build website, create branding assets, write business plans, et al. The journey to starting a digital agency was no easy feat but it has been rewarding 12year ride.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create solutions through innovation.

Here at Eleviv, we have only one Method


We innovate and create exceptional solutions.


Our Process

Our 5-step process gets your ideas from paper into an effective solution.


find out what the customer needs. Identify problems with existing solutions.


Identify the options and frame the solution.


provide solutions based on the client's needs.


test the validity and efficiency of our solutions.


delivery of high-quality solutions.

Our Approach

Our 3-step approach is simple, we give life to your ideas by looking closely at your ideas and guiding you into making it a reality.


We help you explore your ideas using research analysis


We help you get into your customers head by finding out what they like.


We help you create disruptive ideas and solutions

Lets create the backbone of your idea or brand