We are problem solvers

    Welcome to Eleviv, where we create the backbone of your idea or brand—from comprehensive models, idea testing, brainstorming, product development and management, industry research, and marketing strategies, we ensure that the process of ideas to market is managed efficiently through our tried-and-true tools, methods and implementation approaches, customized to your needs. Eleviv is committed to developing businesses and individuals who are seeking innovative ways to transform their companies or ideas.

    Our framework ensures that we focus on building an idea or brand that resonates with consumers. We seek out problems just to solve them and create innovative solutions.

  • Idea Discovery

    Clarify the ideas, objectives, identify opportunities and threats.

  • Framing

    Identify the options and frame the information needed to gain confidence.

  • Analysis

    Calculate the expected value and risk profile of the idea.

  • Consumer Insight

    Get into your consumers head through our M60 Innovation Hub

  • Develop

    Develop and give your idea life

  • Market

    Get your ideas or products on the shelf.