We create
the backbone of
your idea or brand.

 From comprehensive models, idea testing brainstoring,
product development and Management, industry research,

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We Provide Next Level Quality and Excel In Delivering Optimal Solutions.

Consumer Insight Lab:

Our insight lab conducts over 60 hours of extensive sessions with consumers, and industry experts to gain insight into your ideas, products, and services.

M60 Innovation Hub:

Is a sixty-minutes brainstorming session to get into your customers head. Get instant feedback before going to market.

Product Development & Management:

New product design and development and management is more often than not a crucial factor in the su̶vival of a company

Idea Generation:

We help create business ideas, write effective business plans, conduct research & development, refine existing business models and ideas

Creative Brainstorming Session:

 Sit with our top-level creative innovation team to help with your ideas, product development, and start-up

Research & Development:

We research your market, write marketing and business plans, create marketing strategies to get your product noticed quickly.

Strategic Branding & Design:

 Give your product or service a face to remember, with a coordinated brand identity

Executive Coaching:

 We offer training, executive coaching to help clients with business restructuring, brainstorming, idea refinement, and product development.

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Take your great concepts of paper and into the world as winning products, serices and programs.

Our Process


Idea discovery

Clarify the ideas, objectives, identify opportunities and threats



Calculate the expected value and risk profile of the idea



Identify the options and frame the Information needed to gain confidence.


Costumer insight

Get into your consumers head



Get your ideas or products on the shelf

Why Choose Us

We are problem solvers
Eleviv is committed to developing businesses and individuals who are seeking innovative ways to transform their companies or ideas.

Our approach is simple

We give life to your ideas by looking closely at your ideas and guiding you into making it a reality


We help you create disruptive ideas and find the next big innovation by combining in-depth consumer insight with integrated thinking that explores trends, technologies, and solutions to help create magic.


At the cornerstone of our strategic services is the ability to help you answer a simple question, "Who are your customers?", we help you get into your customers head by finding out what they like and what they would buy.


We help you explore your ideas through research development and product development by using creative tools, strategies, and programs to help generate, refine, and identify winning ideas and strategies

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