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    M60 innovation: is a sixty minutes brainstorming sessions for you to get into your customers head. We work with your company to access your target market and hear their thoughts about your product or service. Use M-60 to quickly collect information or host interactive group research projects. Maximize your exposure and get instant feedback. This is an effective 60 min. brainstorm session to help develop ideas, refine your ideas and improve your brand.

    Creative brainstorm sessions: sit with our top-level creative innovation team to help with your ideas, product development, and start-up. We focus on using creative tools, strategies, and programs to help your team generate, refine, and identify winning ideas and strategies.

    Consumer insight lab: Our insight lab conducts over 60 hours of extensive sessions with consumers, and industry experts to gain insight into your ideas, products, and services. Our innovative process focuses on every aspect of your product or service using our comprehensive model, we ensure that the process of ideas to market is managed efficiently with our tried-and-true tools, methods and implementation approaches, customized to your needs.

    Think Lab Africa: We are exploring the depths of opportunities in Africa by sitting down with bright minds across the continent to actively look for problems and solve them. We can help your company connect with African consumers, get instant feedback and help you create products and services that target Africa's demographics.

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